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Our R2R Program


We have made our R2R process simpler and even better for you and the planet!

Imagine how many rolls of single use food film you have prevented from going into our dear mother earth? And doesn’t it feel good to know that your Agreena wrap is not going to end up anywhere it shouldn’t?

It’s people like you that make the world a better, cleaner, kinder place to be.   

We would really like to thank you....

Simply return your Agreena Wrap to us at this address (for both Domestic and International);

Reply Paid 91693
PO Box 86

We would really like to thank you for being a planet warrior with $10 off your next purchase. Simply complete the pop up on the right -> -> -> and collect your discount code.

We are really proud to be the only silicone product in Australia (and in many parts of the world) that offers to recycle our silicone products. We wanted to create a solution to single-use food films, not another product that would eventually end up in a landfill for millennia. 

Our silicone wraps are shredded and added to other used rubberised products to become a crumble/composite that is used in road-bases and sports surfaces. They are unfortunately unable to be reconstituted into silicone for continued use. 

Thank you so much for being on this plastic-free journey with us. One of the most fantastic and exciting aspects of being in this business is seeing how MANY people are not only committed to reducing their plastic use but how incredibly discerning and determined they are, like you, to know exactly what's going on.