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The Story

This journey has been a long road littered with kilometres of grease-proof paper, toxic foil, containers with missing lids, paper bags, mashed fruit rotting in the bottom of school bags, and mild-to-severe lacerations from the metal teeth of death on the side of cling film boxes (which is also non-recyclable).

I hated all of it! None of it worked and none of it felt good because it wasn't good for me, my family, or the environment. There had to be a better way and, through sheer desperation and a great naivety of what it actually takes to develop a product and get it to the finish line, I found it, oh yes I did.

I love this wrap, not just because it works like a charm, but because I am really passionate about waste, rubbish, and landfill issues. Money from every wrap sold goes to support the eco-education of young minds and the efforts of green armies doing their best to clean up and campaign for positive environmental change.

It just doesn't get any better than this!

Mel Joy
Yarra Valley
Victoria, Australia