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How do I wash my Agreena?

Wash your Agreena 3-in-1 Wrap in warm soapy water or for a quick fix pop them in the washing machine with your usual eco laundry liquid.

The vigorous action of the machine works a treat with Agreena. (be careful of zips or buttons that may cut Agreena in the wash cycle).

After baking with Agreena, or should you over time feel that Agreena's stickiness is not what it used to be, a soak in an oxygen bleach. Even a boil in a saucepan of boiling water on the stovetop will get through any build-up. Finish with a cycle in the washing machine and you should be back on track.

Can Agreena go in the dishwasher?

Soapy taste residue/ odours?

What is the difference between the Combo Pack and the Bakers Pack?

My Agreena is stained?

How do I store my Agreena?

Can Agreena be used in the oven?

Common Oven Question:

Gas oven/ Barbeque/ Pressure cooker


Sandwich Press/ Foccaccia Press


What is Agreena made out of?

Where is Agreena made?

Do you recycle Agreena Wraps?

Is silicone environmentally friendly?

How long do Agreena Wraps last for, is there a warranty?

Why is there a plastic baking sheet?

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