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PLASTIC FREE JULY - Best Friend Bundle!

$41.92 $55.90 saving $13.98

PLASTIC FREE JULY - Best Friend Bundle!

$41.92 $55.90 saving $13.98

With every purchase of the original Agreena 3in1 Combo Pack we are giving you a second pack HALF PRICE FOR YOUR BESTIE! 

Celebrate kicking plastic to the kerb with Australia's favorite new reusable...

There literally is no better time to make changes that positively affect you, your budget and the planet. You won't believe how much you will use these versatile wraps so take advantage of our great offer so that you will always have a fresh wrap to wrap, bake or seal.

*offer ends 31.07.20.

Each pack contains 4 silicone wraps 2 small (20cm x 20cm) & 2 large (30cm x 30cm) plus instructions for use and care. 


  • Back to school bundle contains two packs
  • Never buy cling film, aluminium foil or baking paper again! 
  • Keeps food fresher for longer
  • Declutter your drawers (no more boxes or rolls)
  • Seal bowls airtight 
  • Can be used over and over again for years and years (ours have)
  • Good for you and the planet!

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